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Protect Your Home From Foreclosure

For homeowners dealing with heavy debt, one of the most frightening things they may face is losing their home to foreclosure. Often, all it takes is a single missed mortgage payment to make foreclosure a reality.

Fortunately, you do not have to face foreclosure alone. Our law firm, Butler & Butler LLP, has served Wilmington, North Carolina, for decades. We provide forceful, reliable foreclosure defense for families fighting to keep their homes, using bankruptcy if necessary.

If you're facing foreclosure, bankruptcy may be the answer you need. Contact us to discuss your situation.

How Bankruptcy Halts Foreclosure

Besides eventual debt relief, one of the major benefits of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that it puts an automatic stay on many collection actions. This means that the bank cannot proceed with foreclosure proceedings against your home until we have negotiated a settlement or the bankruptcy court allows them to proceed. With the leverage bankruptcy protection provides, it is often possible to get your mortgage payments caught up and/or significantly reduced to a more manageable amount.

Vigorous Foreclosure Defense

Our lawyers will also carefully examine the foreclosure documents, as well as your mortgage documents, for possible mistakes. An error that violated your rights may be grounds to get a foreclosure action dismissed and your loan renegotiated.

Your first move after being served with foreclosure papers should be to contact us. As your attorneys, we will do everything to resolve the matter as positively as possible.

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