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Successfully filing for bankruptcy can be complicated. So can divorce. Going through both at the same time often has profound effects on each legal proceeding. To correctly use bankruptcy during divorce, you need experienced bankruptcy legal representation.

Our law firm, Butler & Butler LLP, is here to represent you during bankruptcy. Our attorneys have represented numerous people in Wilmington, North Carolina, who use bankruptcy protection during their divorce to avoid burdensome debt and protect themselves financially.

If a bankruptcy issue is playing a part in your divorce, reach out to us for assistance.

Divorce Can Affect Bankruptcy And
Vice Versa

Divorce and bankruptcy are both major legal proceedings. If you are going through both at the same time, or if your spouse has declared bankruptcy, your financial rights could be affected. We guide clients through the complexities of the bankruptcy process during divorce. We will work hard to ensure you a strong financial future.

Knowledgeable Legal Help For
Complex Bankruptcy Cases

Your family law attorney is unlikely to be very familiar with bankruptcy law. To protect yourself, you need the clear guidance and strong advocacy of one of our experienced bankruptcy lawyers. We will help you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, either on your own or in a joint bankruptcy, and will work closely with your family law attorney to achieve the best possible result for you during this difficult but critical time.

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