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Strong Legal Representation For Creditors

The law firm of Butler & Butler LLP frequently represents creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, our attorneys have decades of experience making sure that creditors receive everything they are entitled to from debtors who have filed for bankruptcy.

Though a bankruptcy filing leads to an automatic stay of collection actions, many creditors have a chance to pursue what they are owed. As one of the oldest and most respected law firms in the Wilmington area, we possess a deep understanding of the bankruptcy process. We will fight for your claim and work toward a positive result for your business.

Learn how our experienced legal team can provide you with fierce advocacy in a case against a debtor.

How We Represent Your Interests

Debtors use bankruptcy protection to minimize their debt burden. When representing creditors, our goal is to get you the maximum return available. We may establish your proof of a claim in court to show that you are owed money. If you are a secured creditor, we will seek the return or protection of your collateral and the best possible payment terms. If necessary, we may file an objection to the bankruptcy discharge if the debtor is wrongfully seeking to discharge the debt.

Depending on the individual or business filing for bankruptcy, there may be several creditors pursuing payment, including tax agencies and mortgages. When you retain us as your lawyers, you will receive tenacious representation in bankruptcy court. When appropriate, we will negotiate with the debtor and work toward a satisfactory settlement. When negotiations fail, we will advocate aggressively in court for your interests.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.