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Strategic Use of Bankruptcy
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Put Bankruptcy To Work For Your Business

The Wilmington, North Carolina, law firm of Butler & Butler LLP provides seasoned and efficient bankruptcy representation to small businesses and larger companies. Though corporate bankruptcy options are often used to reorganize or discharge debts, many companies use bankruptcy as part of a business strategy. We are available to advise you about the strategic use of bankruptcy to benefit your business.

Learn more about the ways in which bankruptcy can help you by scheduling a consultation with our legal team.

Beyond Debt Relief For Your Company

Bankruptcy is not always something to use only as a last resort to save your business or liquidate your assets to pay off as many debts as possible. Chapter 11 bankruptcy can also help you strategically achieve your business goals in difficult situations, including:

  • Putting an automatic stay on collection actions against you

  • Acting as a form of foreclosure defense

  • Allowing the “free and clear” sale of real estate or other assets subject to liens

  • Shifting short-term debt to long-term

  • Delaying or terminating costly litigation

To successfully take advantage of bankruptcy protections for business purposes, you will need the assistance of our experienced attorneys and support team. As one of the oldest law firms in Wilmington, we have represented hundreds of businesses. With our personalized advice and efficient, high-quality service, your business will be able to get rid of dischargeable debt as well as use bankruptcy strategically, without exposing your company to potential legal problems or delays.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.