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Don’t Get Buried By Out-Of-Control Debt

No matter how careful you are, life can sometimes force you deeper into debt. For example, if you have lost your job or are dealing with a serious medical issue, your credit card bills and delinquent mortgage payments can skyrocket.

If a financial crisis in your household has left you with debts you cannot afford, or if you simply made a mistake and are ready for a fresh start, contact Butler & Butler LLP. We are a Wilmington bankruptcy law firm that has served North Carolina residents and businesses for decades. We provide reliable, honest guidance through bankruptcy and its alternatives.

As your expert guides through bankruptcy proceedings, our first step is to help determine whether or not bankruptcy is right for you, and if so, identify the right form of bankruptcy to declare. For consumers, the most common versions of bankruptcy are called Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. They are quite different from each other, but with our advice, you will know which one is right for you and your family.

Financial freedom is possible. Let a team of knowledgeable attorneys show you how.

What Can Consumer Bankruptcy
Do For Me?

There are many potential benefits to filing for bankruptcy, including:

If you are struggling with payments and need to get control of your debt, our lawyers can help you take advantage of bankruptcy protection. There is no time to hesitate, especially if you are currently in the midst of a divorce.

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